“I really do think that you would be a great father, or even a father figure, to a child”, Maggie says to me over the internet.
“You think so? I’m pretty crazy, I have some messed up ideas and definitely don’t think I’d trust my own kid around myself”, in my defense, scheming my next move.
As I’m distracted by the TV screen there’s another ding and flashing window, “I know so, I’ve seen how gentle you can be with me through my annoying moments. I’ve always wanted a boy with blue eyes and a great big smile.”
In a panic I’m trying to seriously come up with some material to run with, “Everyone has their annoying moments, I know I have mine so it’s not right to fly off the handle on them when they occur. Kids don’t know any better, so they don’t deserve my wrath until they know they’re in the wrong.” That was weak, I need to bite onto something soon and just not let go. Death-roll it, like on the Discovery Channel.

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