You live your life serving others and you attract a certain following. These best friends run away at the sight of you turning to them in need, or demanding respect. You find your true calling as the axe wielding madman inside and these so-called friends scurry away. Perhaps they are trying to preserve the relationship by getting out of the way, perhaps they scamper away because they know that the axe is sharp and the kitchen is closed. It’s hard to find that balance once you get your feet on the ground. “Not everything is black and white,” is what advice Maggie always brought to the table in relation to my way of dealing with problems. Yes or No, there is not a grey scale when it comes to the truth. She always wanted me to be nice, diplomatic, or some other thing that requires less of a spine. Normally I would, but with an axe in your hand you feel like you can do no evil. Well, in retrospect, it’s the evil that you do that will never be spoken about. Diplomacy means compromise, and if anything I’ve compromised the last 20something years trying to bide my time with the friends I thought I had. I’ll trade you my devotion for some companionship.

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