Conversation Hijacking

Conversational Hijacking is a skill that I would teach everyone and no one at the same time. Perhaps instate a rule that prevents anyone from hijacking my conversations. It spawned once as a kid being a keyboard tough guy talking trash to my fellow comrades and counterterrorist unit about the news bulletins of the day.

I’m too young to know how to drive a stickshift, but I’m in the field fighting off people who had high thoughts of themselves, ranting on about how something should be changed about this policy that has little bearing in his mother’s basement. I don’t want to be one of these guys. I enter the conversation and mix it up a little. I sidetrack and jump on a tangent and ride it until there’s just a speck of the original conversation in the horizon. Hijack complete, take me to your leader. I can steer this conversation anywhere I would like.

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