A plunge. Solid, feet first, minor resistance. Surface tension of water at great distance will still bring certain death. Traces of inhibition stripped off as the acceleration continues. Focused on the dark blue landing pad closing in on me. Pop the parachute with training manuals torn asunder traveling at maximum speed.
Terminal Velocity. Something dies with this speed. — Terminal Velocity is reached when the object in question is in free fall and the drag present is an equal and opposite force to gravity. Gravity: Nature’s embrace pulling you in versus the unnatural inhibition of drag. At terminal Velocity it’s not the acceleration that ceases, but inhibition. Something intangible, irreplaceable, incomprehensible such as inhibition. Having let go already there is nothing to fear. Master of the Universe and the blueprint is complete. A print on the dark blue sea.

One thought on “Terminal

  1. “Pop the parachute with training manuals torn asunder” is superb imagery. It presents a fultility in preparation, that uncertainty is always present and cannot always be accounted for.


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