As a child I always wanted to become a doctor. I don’t know what changed, or why I steered away from my childhood aspirations because for all intents and purposes I probably would have made a magnificent doctor, considering I’m fairly intelligent, I keep cool under pressure and react well with a solid gut instinct that has kept me alive in many situations so I can only imagine what I can do for others. Dissention from the glorious pathway of my Ph. D and playing with people’s insides, I slowly turned to the idea of the CIA. If I want to effect lives, touch lives, what better of an organization is there?

They can make a country turn itself inside-out and wear it’s own blood on it’s hands with the blink of an eye, or the turn of a key, or the pull of a trigger. Staging coups and finding true human behavior coming into play would make any little boy giddy, some even weak in the knees. The idea is great and all but what I want to do in life is to not be seen. I want people to talk about me and not know who I am or have a way to be credited. I want a statue in a field with no name on it, no parades or holidays.



Do good by stealth,
blush to find it fame.

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