Burn the Witch

Loan officer for 5 months making a much money as an 18 year old can make without as much as batting an eye to the potential ruin I’m causing. Maybe this is the start of where my destructiveness came to be? No , high school started that, this was just a lucrative adventure I took into the world of other people’s money and how I can convince them to share. “When you pick up that phone and get someone on the other end that doesn’t just hang up in a slamming clang because they know they’re already worthless just remember this… They took your money, and you are going to get it back.”

Everyone always wanted me to remember things. So every time that phone rang I’d be there with a big smile on my face promising the world and only asking for a small sum of money that really doesn’t even exist. They don’t grasp the idea of Equity. It’s a spectre that is tossed around the workplace cooler. You can’t touch it, see it, play with it, fondle it but that doesn’t mean I do not want it. I can turn it into green stacks of paper for the both of us. You can build that new pool and I’ll pay for my college career. College, hah, we’ll talk about this one later.

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