State of Affairs

I’m of young age, early twenties and I will admit before you jump to your conclusions, I don’t know what I’m doing in life. Thank you for playing, but you don’t know me, at least not yet. I work a pretty meaningless job in customer service spending countless hours grabbing my ankles and asking for more with a smile. White glove service. That’s what I was told by my quality analyst at lunch one day when I gave him my background in sales and customer care and interaction. I can help you face to face, on the phone, but my tact in text may just be lacking. I find it difficult to put a tone into my words, express myself in a way that people can understand that I do care that your bill went up $3 a month, it is of grave concern to me. Please hold while I look up something regarding a movie I want to see tonight. Can you blame me for being so crass? I sold the world into debt in my own way.

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