What have I done?

Other people start to show up slowly but surely, all her friends who for the night are my friends. We had met up earlier at one of the guy’s houses to discuss where we’re going, what to bring, how to get there, all the usual stuff that’s really just fluff to get people ready. Jessica gets up and starts to talk with her friends when the temptress of the evening shows up in all black carrying a little leather-bound book. “Martini?”, Dani asks with a small smile she’s trained to use letting me feel at ease when ordering my demise. “Dirty Martini, and she’ll take a Jungle Stew to start off the night”, I closely whispered to Dani as the music began to pierce the subtle coolness of the evening. The party has begun, let the festivities begin and to you, Jessica a toast. Dearest Jessica, what have I done?

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